Risa Crandall

Full Name

Risa Crandall

Job Title

VP, Sales



Speaker Bio

Risa Crandall is an emerging tech leader working in the adtech space with products and solutions that are the combination of consumer experience-driven and client results-oriented. Crandall's understanding of technology, mobile, CPG, retail, and consumer behavior and insights, provides clients the best digital solutions that drive success. Risa is the VP of Sales @ Eyeview, leading the CPG team's efforts in building upon Eyeview's personalized performance video platform that drives ROI.

Prior to joining Eyeview, Crandall spent over 8 years at Crisp Mobile and then Quotient. At Crisp, she was SVP Mobile Commerce and part of a team that steadily built client partnerships and developed new mobile products that leveraged emerging technology, consumer behaviors and data insights to drive performance.