Brian Hutchinson
Full Name
Brian Hutchinson
Job Title
Insights and Execution, LLC
Speaker Bio
Brian Hutchinson has been leading shopper marketing for the corrugated display group of Georgia-Pacific for the past 4 years. He currently works with some of the largest brands and retailers (including e-commerce) in the world. Hutchinson is the primary architect behind The Connected Shopping Cycle, GP’s decision-making journey model. He is also leading the innovation work Georgia-Pacific is doing for augmented reality, including the first display to ever to launch an augmented reality experience without the use of an app.
Prior to joining GP, Hutchinson worked for nearly a decade at Saatchi & Saatchi X, one of the most recognized and awarded shopper marketing agencies in the world. Executions under his supervision have won various awards, including the coveted Effie Award for marketing effectiveness.