Growing Teavana at Target with a Tea Party

Date & Time

Thursday, November 14, 2019, 11:30 AM - 12:00 PM


How could Teavana build on the brand’s success at Starbucks Cafés to enable consumers to enjoy the delicious, vibrant flavor experience of their favorite Teavana blends at home? By launching super-premium packaged teas for at-home occasions. With six new and differentiated hot tea sachets for at-home consumption and an existing line of ready-to-drink craft iced teas, Teavana had some lofty goals: build awareness, trial and basket among new tea guests and drive super-premium trade up at Target. To do it, they cultivated a community of tea-drinking, Target-shopping consumers and activated them to drive trial, reviews and more.
  • Learn how Teavana launched hot teas at Target by identifying and activating tea-drinkers to build a super-premium community of brand fans.
  • Learn how Teavana inspired their community of Target shoppers to create branded content, share it on social and post reviews to drive incremental awareness and trial.
  • Learn how this unique consumer experience ultimately drove share for Teavana at Target and grew the super-premium tea category overall.

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