How to Drive Profitable Sales with Waste
Date & Time
Thursday, November 14, 2019, 10:10 AM - 10:40 AM
Marie-Agnes Daumas Michael Waas
Waste is not waste when it has a meaningful value for consumers, and when it drives sales & profits for companies and increases stock prices for investors. The marketplace has changed and margins and categories are under pressure. Driving profitable sales now requires an extra level of value strategies. Creating in-store and on-line foot traffic shopper programs around an empowering behavior like recycling waste to benefit families and communities engages people in the same environment where purchases occur and drive brands’ favorability. Following a transformative strategic approach is critical to ensuring the success of these purposeful waste-based shopper programs to drive profitable sales.
  • Waste in the news: what are the retailers doing to strengthen their commitment to eliminate waste? What are their expectations from other companies?
  • What constitutes a successful, purposeful waste-based shopper program that drives profitable sales?
  • What is the ” transformative” approach that “connects the dots” and “creates breakthroughs” to ensure the success of these purposeful shopper programs to drive profitable sales?
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