Retail Intel: Progress Reports on 5 Top Chains

Date & Time

Wednesday, November 13, 2019, 2:10 PM - 2:55 PM


In this session, join Path to Purchase Institute's editors as they present uncensored, up-to-the-minute updates on the go-to-market activity of the most important players in today’s volatile retail marketplace, including Walmart, Kroger, Walgreens, CVS and Lowe's.

You will:
  • Examine reports on recent business moves (launches, acquisitions, restructurings) that will impact the company’s strategic direction.
  • Review recent examples of marketing and merchandising programs that illustrate the way this retailer is engaging with shoppers.
  • Discover what all of the above means for consumer product manufacturers who need to work with this key retailer.

P2PX19 Session Tracks

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