The Blurred Lines of Retail: Gaming the Opportunity
Date & Time
Wednesday, November 13, 2019, 10:40 AM - 11:25 AM
Tina Manikas John Kenny

Delivery services, click and collect, digital assistants, voice skills, shopper apps and new in store services are all changing the nature of our relationships with brands and even the act of shopping. Yet as these evolutions continue to blur the lines between brands, retail and services, their use often remains transactional in nature. How do brands regain some control in creatively driving shopper engagement and choice?

One key development is that as retail and digital are being blurred, digital and gaming are being blurred, and increasingly brands are driving shopper engagement by blurring shopping and gaming. This provocative session is about understanding how brands are creating impact using the lessons of gaming. This matters as shoppers now have more shopping options than ever and brands must be capable of finding creative ways to engage and influence choice. Join us to learn about:

  • How brands are in a unique position to attract shoppers directly as retailers continue to transform
  • How digital assistants and solutions are being used to drive shopper choice in new ways
  • How brands like Krispy Kreme gamed the stores for Instagram and Burger King detoured with click and collect to attract new shoppers
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Learning Lab West
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Hyatt Regency Chicago
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The Future of Shopping