Need to convince your boss?
We’re excited you want to join us for the P2PX journey that will accelerate your shopper-centric knowledge and giev you a competitive edge in the industry.  
We want to help you get the thumbs-up to attend! Download this letter and share it with your manager. 
Need Help With Roadblocks?
Here are some suggested answers to common roadblocks for conference approval. 
Objection: “It’s too expensive.”
Your response: “This isn’t just a two-day event; its benefits will carry over through the rest of the year, so it’s a great value. I’ll capture detailed notes from every session, so our whole team can learn along with me.”
Objection: “You can’t be away from the office for that long.”
Your response: “I won’t be totally away from the office; the event offers a flexible schedule with strategic breaks between sessionsthat allow me to stay connected at the same time I’m gathering information and best practices.”
Your closing argument: “When I get back from the conference, I’ll schedule a debrief session with you and the team. I’ll present my notes and speaker handouts from all the sessions I attended. I’ll recommend new ideas and I’ll show you all the great resource material I picked up in the Exhibit Hall from vendors who can save us money and grow our profits. Sending me to P2PX means elevating our whole team.”