10 Reasons to Attend P2PX
There are so many reasons to attend P2PX...here are 10 big ones!
Education that Empowers: 
P2PX content offers actionable insights to take back to the office and immediately apply in your role.
Impressive Speaker Lineup
Not just anyone can speak at P2PX. Speakers are carefully vetted and scored to ensure you get the best.
Community that Matters: 
Access to a highly engaged group of decision-makers charged with building path to purchase strategies.
Solutions that Transform:
Learn to amplify your shopper programs from exhibitors who offer innovative, ROI-driven solutions.
Endless Inspiration 
Snatch up new ideas and return to the office energized to come up with your next breakthrough. 
Benchmarketing that Transcends: 
Measure your company's go-to-market strategy against your competitors.
Visibility that Builds: 
Forge connections and build your personal brand among the industry's top influencers.
Location that Excites: 
Located in the heart of downtown Chicago, P2PX offers an energized environment with plenty to do!
Memorable Entertainment
The Women of Excellence Awards offer an unforgettable evening of celebration.
Investment that Pays: 
Investing in your professional knowledge ensures you gain the skills to grow in the industry.
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