P2PX is all about providing you with the content and learning you need to be successful everyday. We are please to offer an array of symposiums covering the hot topics in the industry. From e-commerce, personalization and women's leadership join us and take a deep dive on these topics during one of our curated symposiums. 
Tuesday, October 2 || 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

E-Commerce Symposium: Transforming the Shopper Journey

The E-Commerce Symposium will delve into actionable insights and groundbreaking case studies from companies that have found success in this increasingly omnichannel world. 
Attendees will discover how to:
  • Master innovations like same-day delivery and click & collect
  • Provide seamless experiences for shoppers 
  • Develop successful strategies for the ever-evolving virutal retail environment
Tuesday, October 2 || 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM
PersonalizationIQ is the retail and CPG industry's only event focused on the issues defining this generation: the convergence of personalization and privacy. 
Attendees will explore how to: 
  • Leverage loyalty data to outperform in the market
  • Look at privacy like tech titans like Facebook, Google and Salesforce
  • View the future of tried in true tactics like email and coupons
Tuesday, October 2 || 1:00 PM - 4:30 PM
The Shopper Marketing Women's Leadership Symposium is expanding the success of P2PI's Women of Excellence awards program to create a community of learning and networking for women in shopper marketing. 
Attendees will learn how: 
  • Advocating for women can drive company and industry results. 
  • Shopper marketing must be viewed as a great environment in which to build a career, with the best people committed to innovative, positive results. 
  • How companies can help attract - and retain - the next generation of shopper marketing leaders.