The New Digital Imperative: Customer-Obsession Through Data-Led Personalized Experiences

Date & Time

Wednesday, October 3, 2018, 8:30 AM - 9:00 AM

Brendan Witcher


In a world where customers hyper-adopt (and hyper-abandon) brands at the drop of a hat, the key to successfully winning, serving and retaining customers is obsessing about the buyer's journey. 
But there's a catch: organizations are still using out-of-touch methods that no longer add perceivable value to the customer's path to purchase. 
In this valuable session, Witcher will cover consumer-oriented, cross-vertical topics such as e-commerce trends, personalization, omnichannel, customer experience management best practices, engagement strategies and conversion optimization. 
Attendees will: 
  • Explore what matters, what doesn't and what actually causes customers to shop the way they do. 
  • Learn how Forrester defines customer-obsession and why most companies fail to get it right. 
  • Discover the thorny fundamentals, tactical actions, technical investments and non-technical steps that are needed to win today's digitally-savvy shoppers. 

Location Name

Exhibit Hall A, Keynote Theater

Full Address

Minneapolis Convention Center
1301 Second Ave. South
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55403
United States