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The New Digital Imperative: Customer-Obsession Through Data-Led Personalized Experiences

Wednesday, October 3 || 8:30 AM - 9:00 AM
In a world where customers hyper-adopt (and hyper-abandon) brands at the drop of a hat, the key to successfully winning, serving and retaining customers is obsessing about the buyer's journey. 
But there's a catch: organizations are still using out-of-touch methods that no longer add perceivable value to the customer's path to purchase. 
In this valuable session, Witcher will cover consumer-oriented, cross-vertical topics such as e-commerce trends, personalization, omnichannel, customer experience management best practices, engagement strategies and conversion optimization. 
Brendan Witcher
VP/Principal Analyst, 
Digital Business Strategy
Attendees will: 
  • Explore what matters, what doesn't and what actually causes customers to shop the way they do. 
  • Learn how Forrester defines customer-obsession and why most companies fail to get it right. 
  • Discover the thorny fundamentals, tactical actions, technical investments and non-technical steps that are needed to win today's digitally-savvy shoppers. 

Driving Sales in a Mobile World

Wednesday, October 3 || 9:00 AM - 9:30 AM
Today's mobile-first society has fundamentally shifted consumer behavior. As a result, consumers have more choices than ever before for where to discover and purchase products and services. In this session, Dave Sommer, Director of CPG, Shopper Marketing & E-Commerce at Facebook, will discuss how CPG and retail brands can navigate the disruption and drive business results in the new mobile world. 
Attendees will learn: 
  • Major consumer media consumption and creative shifts happening in the age of mobile. 
  • The challenges and opportunities that CPGs face as a result of mobile-first disruption. 
  • How Facebook is helping CPGs take advantage of these consumer shifts to drive business outcomes. 
Dave Sommer
Director, CPG,
Shopper Marketing
& E-Commerce

Pain Points Millennial Moms Want Brands to Solve

Thursday, October 4 || 8:30 AM - 9:00 AM
The largest generation in history is stepping up to the plate of parenthood and rewriting the rule book. Compared to previous generations, millennial mothers do almost everything differently when it comes to the way they plan, shop and buy for their households. 
This thought-provoking address has implications for the virtually everyone involved in FMCPG marketing. In it, Wintsch, who has developed mom-focused solutions for brands ranging from Walmart, Johnson & Johnson and Unilever to Kellogg's, Kimberly-Clark and Playskool, will explain how a better understanding of millennial moms and their brands can transform bold insights into bold ideas. 
Katherine Wintsch
Founder & CEO
Attendees will:
  • Discover how to leverage research tools to crack the code with millennials. 
  • Learn to push beyond marketing messages and deliver true utility. 
  • Explore how consumer-led, retail relevant innovation to meet the needs of the modern family life. 

Ahold Delhaize USA: Why 'Better Together' Should Matter to You

Thursday, October 4 || 9:00 AM - 9:30 AM
Ahold Delhaize is one of the world's largest food retail groups in both supermarkets and e-commerce, serving more than 50 million customers each week in the U.S., Europe and Indonesia. As part of the massive, ongoing integration of its merged Royal Ahold and Delhaize Group brands, the chain is implementing a set of commercial strategies are tailored to each banner. 
The goal? Strengthening each banner's market position while taking advantage of the vast economics of scale provided by the merger. 
As the food retail industry rapidly changes Ahold, through its "Better Together strategy, has placed itself at the forefront of issues that matter most to shoppers: sustainable retailing, responsible sourcing, localizing community support and helping its customers make healthier choices. 
Attendees will learn:
  • Why "buying better" and "operating smarter" - everything from in-store robots to grab-and-go convenience options, are changing business practices.
  • How Ahold Delhaize used shopper insights to create a localized approach to connect with customers and the communities they serve. 
  • Why investing in the "customer proposition" of affordability, own brands, fresher/healthier options, and localized, personal services, are game changers.
Whitney Hardy
John MacDonald